Friends of CEVRO Institute, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization based in the United States to which individuals and organizations can make tax-free donations.

The mission of Friends of CEVRO Institute is to donate funds to the various colleges, research centers and departments at CEVRO Institute or to the university itself to help support educational program, support of fellowships and scholarships, and other programs that enrich the cultural, scientific, and literary heritage of the university.

CEVRO Institute is a small private university located in the historical center of Prague, Czech Republic.

It offers among other programs a unique international

CEVRO Institute is a very special place not only due to its emphasis on high-quality education but also due to its extraordinary appreciation of the ideas of freedom, entrepreneurship, the rule of law and respect of private property. In post-socialist Central Europe, these values have to be particularly cultivated and protected.